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9th Kano assembly pledges improved effectiveness of legislative oversight

The Speaker of the Kano State House of Assembly (KNSHoA) Right Honorable Abdulaziz Gafasa has stated the 9th state assembly’s commitment to improve the effectiveness of its statutory legislative oversight over the executive arm of the state government’s business and projects.

“Let us objectively scrutinize our budgeting system and processes including monitoring and evaluation as well as legislative oversight, with a view to making them stronger and more effective. At this juncture, ladies and gentlemen, let me state, with a good measure of emphasis, that the 9th Kano State House of Assembly will revisit its oversight strategies with a view to filling gaps identified to be obstacles to the effectiveness of the exercise,” said Rt Hon Gafasa on Tuesday.

The Speaker who therefore, urged all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Kano state to avail the respective House Standing Committees the opportunity to discharge their statutory responsibilities, made this policy statement while delivering the opening remarks at a workshop on the development of the Kano State 2020-2022 Economic and Fiscal Update (EFU), Fiscal Strategy Performance (FSP) as well as Budget Policy Statement (BPS) documents, in Kaduna.

The workshop was organized by the Kano State Ministry of Planning and Budget (MoPB) in collaboration with the UK Department for International Development’s Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) programme; as part of Kano state’s Public Financial Management (PFM) programme.

Gafasa said the EFU, FSP and BPS development session marked “the beginning of a 3-year rolling plan as a component of the Kano State Development Plan (KSDP) and its implication on the budget processes” adding that the objective of the session was to “review the 2019 half year actual budget performance, use results obtained from EFU, FSP and BPS for the period 2020-2022 and come up with indicative resource projections for Kano State Budget 2020.”


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