Featured - News - July 23, 2019

CAFOR advocates increased partnership for improved education standards in Africa

The Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa Forum (CAFOR), a nonprofit committed to ensuring education systems in Africa are relevant to young Africans and labor market needs, has called for increased partnerships among stakeholders on the continent.

A statement signed by CAFOR’s executive director, Lawalley Cole, said partnership remained at the heart of CAFOR`s expanded vision and also its renewed commitment towards ensuring young Africans received quality education as well as acquired relevant skills that correspond to the dynamic needs of the labor market which was necessary for achieving sustainable development on the continent.

“This involves translating and bringing to fruition the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the Science, Technology and Innovations Strategy for Africa (STISA 2024), the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25) as well as the Continental Strategy for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) into country-level developmental and sectoral strategies for the development of the African continent,” said the statement.

“The African Union’s Continental Education Strategy for Africa known as CESA 16-25 [has] called for the establishment of a coalition of stakeholders as a strategy to amplify the case for prioritizing and investing in education and ensuring better coordination and networking on matters related to education in Africa.”

The statement noted that as part of efforts aimed at supporting African Union’s campaign of mobilizing stakeholders for the implementation of CESA 16-25 and other policy agendas, CAFOR was focused on the communication dimension its leverage point adding that the nonprofit was working to establish new and revitalized partnerships at varying levels for effective communication and participation of other entities in the implementation of the various African agendas.

“CAFOR believes that communication must be at the core of the business of planning education on the continent, ensuring that it is comprehensive and inclusive and that its style and content enhances dialogue in promoting all aspects of learning,” the statement added.

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