CODE sponsors 10 Nigerians for the 2016 Sustainaware conference in Zambia

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Ten Nigerians will participate in the 2016 Sustainaware, the African regional partnership conference taking place between 30th and 31st May, 2016 in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, courtesy of Connected Development, CODE, a youth-based non-governmental organization working to improve access to information and empower local communities in Africa.

CODE‘s Sustainaware connects eleven partner countries (India, Nigeria, Zambia, Somalia, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, USA, Ecuador, Brasil and Argentina) to promote the inclusion of young people in the decision-making process of sustainable development. The initiative aims to improve youth knowledge, interest and leadership around environmental health, green economy and social-environmental entrepreneurship.

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The participants which include journalists, environmental rights campaigners as well as sustainable development advocates are expected to join other partners to share knowledge, solve complex challenges bedeviling environmental safeguards and proffer possible solutions on how to accelerate sustainable growth in Africa.

The key objective of the project which was initiated by Connected Development, CODE, in 2014 in collaboration with the European Union, EU, is to improve knowledge and inspire young people to take leadership roles in environmental health, green economy and social-entrepreneurship.

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Since inception, the project has been implemented in eight countries including Nigeria, USA, Argentina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Liechtenstein and India. Somalia and Zambia have been included as participating countries in the 2016 edition to signify progress and success in execution of the work plan.  The year 2016 is targeted at mobilizing more spirited volunteers to join the network and champion its gospel across the continent.

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