News - March 9, 2023

Hunger Relief Africa set to launch its flagship program March 15

Hunger Relief Africa (HRA), a nonprofit that seeks to eliminate food insecurity in African communities, is set to launch its flagship program on March 15, themed: ‘Preventing, Preparing, Anticipating and Responding to Food Crisis through a Domestic Hunger Model’. 



The nonprofit seeks to help hunger-prone families meet their basic nutritional needs while advocating for policies in local and central governments that improve food access for low-income households suffering from hunger so as to guarantee access to food assistance programs for such households.

The flagship program is inspired by the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Feed Africa: Strategy for Agricultural Transformation in Africa [2016–2025], which seeks to make the continent a net food exporter and move Africa to the top of export-oriented global value chains where it has a comparative advantage. The launch will have as participants representatives of the international donor community, academia, international NGOs, and African governments, amongst others.

“While statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) show that nearly 690 million people are hungry globally, while among children below the age of 5, 21.3% are stunted, 6.9% are wasted, and 5.6% are overweight, Africa suffers the most compared to other regions in food justice. The recent acute hunger and malnutrition emergences that killed dozens of children in western Kenya in March through April, as well as in the Karamoja Subregion in Uganda from May through August 2022, are clear evidence,” said a press statement by HRA.

HRA’s fundraising is based on domestic donations of up to 50% in physical products just as 50% is through grant-seeking financing. It plans to distribute over $3.5 million worth of food and groceries yearly, thus providing the equivalent of 3.5 million meals to its target communities in Uganda and Kenya.

“While HRA will advocate for policies by local and central governments to improve food access for low-income households suffering from hunger to access government food assistance programs, it will also solidify the link between food access programs and the healthcare outcomes, while supporting food and agriculture investments in food-insecure and marginalized communities to improve food security,” said the statement.

HRA’s food assistance strategy is premised on a supply chain distribution network system involving food manufacturers, grocery stores, retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, and farmers. Following the launch, the nonprofit says it will ensure access to sufficient nutritious food for targeted families across its target communities, as well as provide community-specific food waste rescue programs that respond to the changing needs of its beneficiaries.


You can learn more about Hunger Relief Africa here.  For support and partnership,  you can reach out to HRA via or

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