News - December 7, 2022

Hunger Relief Africa launches initiative to eliminate hunger in African communities

The non-profit Hunger Relief Africa (HRA), in partnership with the International Crowdfunding Center (ICC) will, this December, launch a relief project dubbed: “Emergency Food Packages for Vulnerable African Communities” in north and northeastern Uganda.  



HRA aims to contribute to eliminating food insecurity by helping communities and people that don’t have enough food, nourish lives where hunger has claimed the lives of people, especially children, women and the elderly.

The nonprofit is driven by a mission of “building hope and nourishing lives through a well-coordinated response to hunger in African communities” and, as such, envisions becoming Africa’s leading hunger relief organization.

A statement by the nonprofit says HRA has a strong presence both nationally and locally in Uganda, serving 250,000 people each week and 5 million individuals annually. The program will kick start in Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region and progressively spread to other affected regions in Africa.

Karamoja is one of Uganda’s poorest districts, with a poverty rate of 66 percent – more than three times the national poverty rate. Hundreds of children and elderly are reported to have died, with hundreds of thousands more in dire situations, facing starvation.

The region continues to have the highest food insecurity and malnutrition levels due to factors related to inadequate food access, poor dietary diversity, structural poverty, low-value livelihood options, poor hygiene and sanitation, and morbidity.

Hunger Relief beliefs its domestic hunger model, which is based on four pillars of Feeding, Nourishing, Leading and Empowering, would help minimize across African households and communities.

“We thank the ICC for accepting to partner with us on this cause and believe that the support injected will significantly strengthen our hunger strategy to assist even more vulnerable groups in ways that produce meaningful and measurable results for individuals and communities alike,” concluded the statement.


You can learn more about Hunger Relief Africa here.  For support and partnership,  you can reach out to HRA via or

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