General - March 12, 2021

NFNV Nigeria holds 3rd Youth MMSME Solution Expo virtually, March 20th, 21st 

Having successfully organized Katsina’s biggest MMSME Solution Expo in 2018 followed by Katsina’s biggest SME Solution Expo in 2019, the Youth Impact Team of the New Faces New Voices (NFNV) Nigeria is now set to hold a virtual international youth MMSME solution expo, between March 20th and 21st.



The expo, which will have participants from across Nigeria and parts of Niger Republic, will focus on actionable business growth strategies, and subsequently, seeks to foster a swift, cost effective, and sustainable revenue growth for the participating youth MMSMEs in 2021 and beyond.  The event, which will be held virtually due to the Covid-19 restrictions, will be facilitated by experts in digital marketing, product development, and entrepreneurship, amongst others, who will share their experiences and mentor the attendees.

Additionally, the expo will provide participants the platform to advance their skills and knowledge as well as network and uncover new opportunities.

The NFNV-NIGERIA Youth Impact Team is a network of young change makers passionate about entrepreneurship and community development; it is part of NFNV Women in Finance Network, an initiative of the Graca Machel Trust. Therefore, this event is inspired by NFNV’s mission of building links among all categories of young entrepreneurs via capacity building programs, expos as well as networking events, so as to improve access to finance, encourage trade and export as well as fostering easier obtainment of legal business documents.

As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted businesses, making entrepreneurs adjust to new realities, this conference themed: “Youth Resilience in this Trying Times and Post-Covid-19”, seeks to also inform participants on the best strategies for reducing the cost of doing business. Consequently, participants will be guided on how to fully operate their businesses virtually, how to make effective use of their social media platforms to attract customers as well as how to access funding opportunities in the new normal, amongst others.

The maiden convention of the Youth Impact Team which was held in 2018 at Katsina had succeeded in varied ways; namely, connecting MMSMEs with new business partners, guiding the MMSMEs to discover the most innovative business ventures, connecting MMSMEs with various decision makers, as well as leading to the obtainment of legal registration for about 30% of unregistered businesses who attended the expo, from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), amongst other successes.


You can register to participate in the virtual MMSMEs expo here

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