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5 female entrepreneurs that are shaping the face of their industry in Ghana

This week, we continue to look at 5 female entrepreneurs in Ghana that are changing the face of their industries and creating a social change.

Here are 5 female entrepreneurs in Ghana who are striving to impact their various industries

Female entrepreneurs in Ghana
Kimberly and Priscilla, displaying pieces of ’57 Chocolates, Credit: Lionesses of Africa

#1 Kimberly and Priscilla
Kimberly and Priscilla are two Ghanaian sisters who founded ’57 Chocolate in 2016. Having spent time living in Geneva, Switzerland, the duo thought it strange how Switzerland was known for its chocolate despite not growing any cocoa while Ghana being the second-largest producer of cocoa produces very little chocolate. The sisters, recognizing this flaw sought to create a high-quality African chocolate brand that will not only be reputable locally but internationally.
Thus a handcrafted, rich in cocoa, devoid of artificial flavours, clours, and preservative was born. ’57 short for 1957—the year of Ghana’s independence is not just about the chocolate or cocoa products, it is about patriotism and value addition.
It is Kimberly and Priscilla’s mission to “show the world that quality chocolate can be produced in Ghana where some of the finest cacao beans grow.”
’57 Chocolate has 5 signature flavours which are: 73% dark chocolate, 55% milk, white, mocha latte (coffee flavor), and bissap (hibiscus flavor)

Female entrepreneurs in Ghana
Joelle, with some of her building construction products

#2 Joelle Eyeson
Joelle Eyeson is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Hive Earth. They create affordable eco-friendly homes using an innovative solution in the country. Using the rammed earth construction technique which is essentially a construction technique of building with mud, Hive earth builds eco-friendly homes with mud which according to her has tremendous benefits such as keeping room temperature cool, being strong, and maintenance-free.
“ The construction is as strong as concrete and lasts 1000’s of years, in fact, parts of the Great Wall of China were built with rammed earth, and it’s still standing today. Its bulletproof, soundproof, termite-proof, and it’s free from chemicals and harmful toxins that its cement equivalent may have,” Joelle Eyeson said in an interview.
Joelle Eyeson’s vision is to be the number one provider for affordable homes on the continent. “We want everyone to feel that they can afford a home, whether they are a market trader, a labourer, or a shop assistant, they should be able to afford shelter. We want to be advocates for using locally sourced materials to build with and continue to research further what materials are available to us for construction,” Joelle Eyeson said.

Female entrepreneurs in Ghana
Josephine Marie Godwyll, Founder, Young at Heart Ghana

#3 Josephine Marie Godwyll
Josephine Marie Godwyll is a social entrepreneur. She set up the social enterprise Young at Heart Ghana which creates an exciting learning experience for Ghanaian children via the use of digital platforms.

Young at Heart Ghana, since its establishment in 2013 has reached out to over 5000 children through ICT outreaches, Digital Learning Clubs, Running ICT learning Hubs, Fairs, and e-learning platforms.
Through its “Ananse the Teacher,” an app that makes use of local content, through Ananse Stories, to encourage practical and fun activities built on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) lessons, children are empowered with practical digital literacy skills.

When asked in an interview by Lionesses for Africa about what drove her to start her social enterprise, she had this to say.

“My work as a Geomatic engineer allows me to interact with a lot of digital platforms creating Geographical Information Systems for developmental projects. I came to a harsh reality at a point in time in my career when I urgently needed information from a rural community I was developing a system for. I thought the data I needed could easily be sent to me via email, yet the reality was no one in the village could use a computer or any digital device for that matter. I realized my ability to make the best use of technology is limited by the next persons ability. I volunteered as a teacher in a rural school and noticed that students there were taught Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) with little or no practical lessons. I founded Young At Heart Ghana in 2013 to empower children and youth especially in rural communities to become the next generation of digital innovators solving community problems with practical lessons they have acquired in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.”

Female entrepreneurs in Ghana
Ruth Wewura Guribie, with a display of some of the Shea Sava Skincare products, Credit: Lionesses of Africa

#4 Ruth Wewura Guribie
Ruth Wewura Guribie is the founder of Sava Shea Company Limited in Ghana that creates organic skincare products in the country. Sava Shea Company Ltd was established in 2015 in Ghana to solve the growing need for natural skincare products by producing and distributing high-quality skincare products. Sava Shea’s products are made from quality unrefined shea butter and infused with oils and other natural ingredients that are handcrafted by rural women in the Northern parts of the country.

Ruth decided to set up her company after she realized most skincare products were saturated with synthetic chemicals that weren’t good for her skin. She then began to experiment with natural oils and butter in her kitchen which then resulted in the production of a safe and organic skincare product. Her range of skincare products includes Body Creams/Butters, African Black Soap Shower Gel, Lip balm, Hair/Beard growth Oil, and unrefined shea butter.

Afia Bobia Amanfo, founder of Studenthubgh

#5 Afia Bobia Amanfo
Afia Bobia Amanfo is a social entrepreneur. She established Studenthubgh which is aimed at empowering the next generation of African leaders through mentorship programs, college preparation support for High School and Undergraduate students, scholarship search support, and career/entrepreneurship guidance programs.
According to Afia, the mission of Studenthubgh carried out in two main ways which are:
• Education: providing young individuals with knowledge, resource, and guidance to make better decisions for their career, education, and future.
• Mentorship and Training: providing senior high school and college students with career development programs, entrepreneurship, college preparation, digital skills among others.
Afia Bobia believes in “the God-given potential of every young person and I also know first hand the limitations placed on young people in Africa”.

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