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General - May 7, 2017

Graça Machel Trust announces official launch of New Faces New Voices in Nigeria

Nomsa Daniels, CEO, Graça Machel Trust.
Nomsa Daniels, CEO, Graça Machel Trust

The Graça Machel Trust is pleased to announce the official launch of the New Faces New Voices (NVNV) Nigeria Chapter, one of seventeen Women in Finance chapters within the Trust’s Pan-African network.

“The launch brings into focus the central role Nigerian women play in contributing to African economies and how we can better harness the economic potential of women. A recent survey by McKinsey notes that African women contribute 39% to Africa’s GDP and this could be even higher if fewer women were financially excluded,” says Nomsa Daniels, CEO, Graça Machel Trust.

“However, if we are to eliminate the structural barriers needed to bring more women into the formal financial system, and strengthen women’s economic participation, overall, we require a collective effort by all role-players in government, business and civil society.

“Access to finance is a key factor in the growth of women-led businesses, which is why the exhibition by local women entrepreneurs offers a perfect opportunity to showcase the many sectors where women are represented.”


Aisha Aminu, Country Director, NFNV-Nigeria (L) and Mrs Graca Machel, Founder, NFNV (R)
Aisha Aminu, Country Director, NFNV-Nigeria (L) and Mrs Graca Machel, Founder, NFNV (R)


The theme of the launch, “The Role of Women in Recession and Economic Development in Nigeria” resonates with the recently announced launch of the Graça Machel Trust’s Women Advancing Africa (WAA) Forum.

The forum has been established to highlight Africa’s diversity by bringing together women from varying backgrounds, regions and ages and to showcase women’s contributions and leadership in tackling the development challenges of Africa.

“The three core pillars of Women Advancing Africa – financial inclusion, market access and social change – are key to driving social and economic transformation in Africa,” Says Nomsa Daniels.

The inaugural Forum will take place from 10-12 August in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and will bring together 250 women in business, along with select leaders in government, the private sector, philanthropy, academia, and civil society as well as global thought leaders and influencers for focused discussions on how to accelerate the economic advancement of African women in concrete and measurable ways.



The Graça Machel Trust works across the continent to drive positive change across women’s and children’s rights, as well as governance and leadership. Through our support of local initiatives and connecting key stakeholders at a regional, national and sub-national level, we help to catalyse action where it is needed.  By using our convening power the Trust seeks to amplify the voices of women and children in Africa; influence governance and promote women’s contributions and leadership in the economic, social and political development of Africa.  For more information, visit:  www.gracamacheltrust.org/new

WOMEN ADVANCING AFRICA – more information on the Women Advancing Africa Forum can found at www.womenadvancingafrica.com




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