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NextGen Africa Initiative is an educational organization that focuses on building the soft skills of young people in the areas of emotional intelligence, confidence building and leadership including ICT skills to help them fulfill their potential.

Since its inception in 2014, NextGen Africa has been working with government agencies, NGOs and private sector organizations on youth-focused education and community development projects in Nigeria towards achieving youth inclusion.

Our goal is to empower Nigerian youth with the right information to be able to competently raise their voices on various platforms at the national and global levels around issues like education, community development and social change by advocating for youth-favorable policies.

It is part of our vision of achieving youth inclusion that we are organizing a robust youth-focused Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our contribution towards addressing the most critical challenges facing the Nigerian youth.



The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which came into effect on 1 January 2016 is a landmark blueprint developed by countries of the world for a better future. The aim of the goals is to bring to an end extreme poverty, promote prosperity and well-being of all, protect the environment, address climate change, and encourage good governance as well as peace and security for all by 2030. Nigeria, like other countries of the world, is expected to take ownership of the SDGs and report on progress in achieving them.



The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the international community’s ambitious response to the world’s most pressing and complex challenges. Young people played a key part in shaping the Agenda’s priorities and they will be indispensable in efforts to see to its achievement in the coming 14 years. The scale and scope of the ambition requires particularly strong partnerships at every level with young people, who are already being engaged in making the SDGs a reality in Nigeria.

Thus, the 2017 Nigeria Youth SDGs Summit aims to build a common understanding of the transformational opportunities the SDGs presents to Nigerian youth as well as fashion out innovative strategies for the successful realization of the goals in the country, by working with key stakeholders across the government, private sector, academia, civil society, religion and the media.



The following is the eligibility criteria for those interested in volunteering for the 2017 Nigeria Youth SDGs Summit’s Central Working Group (CWG);


  • Must be an active member of a youth-led or youth-focused group or council
  • Must be between 16 and 30 years old as at August 17 2017
  • Must be social media savvy
  • Must be an active and frequent user of the following: Email (preferably Gmail); Whatsapp and Facebook



Volunteers should choose one of the following teams they would want to join based on their skills and experience;

Budget Team: The Budget Team is responsible for managing and monitoring the event budget. In coming months, this committee will submit, review, revise, and propose the budget for the Nigeria Youth SDGs Summit. This committee will review premier sponsors, donations, and estimate and track expenses. This committee will work closely with various committees to ensure the guidelines of the budget are maintained.

Agenda Team: The Agenda Team is responsible for structuring the program, topics, and content and at the event helping everyone ensure time management. This committee will work closely with marketing to ensure program content is prepared and coincides with the agenda and day-long events.

Registration Team: The Registration Team is responsible for coordinating online, and onsite registration. This committee will prepare items such as name badges, act as welcome committee, and any other items distributed at the registration during check in. This committee will work closely with the Volunteer Committee to ensure coordination between areas.

Media Team: The Media Team is responsible for media advisory, press releases and media interviews. This committee is responsible for working closely with the Board President to get the word out to other youths in Nigeria by utilizing social media, news stations, newspapers, etc. This committee will also come up with hashtags for social media and put together a final video to share with public of what the youth have learned at the summit.

Marketing Team: The Marketing Team will select promotional items, design promotional materials and ensure items are delivered in time for the summit. This committee will work with the development of the Summit event program and content such as letters, advertisements, and necessary follow-up.

Proposal & Speaker Selections Team: The Proposal & Speaker Selections Team will review speakers, moderators, panelists, and Call to Action Facilitators. This committee is responsible for working closely with the Youth Council Executives, Executive Director, Board of Leaders, and Premier Sponsors.

Volunteer Coordination Team: The Volunteer Coordination Committee is responsible for outreach to organizations that are willing to support and help with the Nigeria Youth SDGs Summit on Tuesday August 17, 2017. This committee will organize the volunteers and provide a hospitality room for volunteers. This committee will be responsible for the selection of promo items and entertainment in general for delegates at the summit.

Research & Evaluation Team: The Research & Evaluation Team is responsible for researching, and coordinating questionnaires, planning, and gathering responses. They are expected to review, identify and interpret trends from information collected at the summit. The committee will focus on details and be able to focus their attention on trends, dynamics, and report outcomes in a follow up report.


Apply here; https://goo.gl/pUCqek

All Applications must be sent on or before February 21, 2017. For more information, contact NextGenAfricaInitiative@gmail.com

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