Mission Statement

African Newspage arrive the digital media landscape to fill in a huge gap – in-depth reportage of human and development stories.  We, therefore, are of the belief that development journalism could play a critical role in the sustainable development of Nigeria and Africa including successful transition between the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, and Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs.

Thus, we are here to tell impact, original cum data-driven Nigerian and African stories while strictly adhering to the professional tenets of accuracy and impartiality in news gathering and dissemination around the most pertinent issues crucial for Nigeria and Africa’s development.

We hereby pledge to uphold the established code of ethics “canons” of journalism in the discharge of our duties, by abiding to the cardinal guiding principles of accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability in the exercise of our fundamental right of free press.

As a specialized, development-focused publication, we will seek to carry out in-depth, analytical and data-driven coverage of the most pertinent human stories around the key thematic areas of governance & economy, justice & human rights, peace & security, health, education, agriculture, environment as well as youth and women’s issues in Nigeria and across Africa.