IWD: Emir Sanusi II calls for women’s emancipation

Emir Sanusi II
Emir Sanusi II
Emir Sanusi II

As the world celebrates the 2017 International Women’s Day (IWD), the Emir of Kano, Nigeria’s second most influential Muslim leader, His Royal Highness Muhammadu Sanusi II, has sued for women’s emancipation including given them the right to be educated.

“Our society has been denying girls and women their rights including the right to education, even though in Islam, education is compulsory to both men and women,” says Emir Sanusi II, while speaking during an advocacy visit made to him by the women’s group, Women in Leadership Initiative (WLI) in Kano, on Wednesday, as part of activities to commemorate the 2017 International Women’s Day.

“The woman is the first school to her children which means educating the woman is also educating her children, and unless the woman is educated we can’t have female gynecologists, nurses and other medical practitioners to examine our women when they need medical attention, in accordance with the teachings of Islam,” says Sanusi II who spoke through his prime minister, Waziri Saadu Gidado.

“And unless women are educated they can’t occupy political and leadership positions. This is why men should allow their daughters have access to education. The Kano Emirate is working towards coming up with laws that will emancipate the womenfolk and we are grateful to God for witnessing the 2017 International Women’s Day.”

Emir Sanusi II, a banker turned monarch, is a staunch advocate  of women’s rights who recently sparked controversy when he disclosed that there will soon be a family law in Kano regulating polygamy, including barring men from marrying more than one wife, if they don’t have the means to cater for them.

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